H-RoC endorsements are based upon the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership and relationship - building abilities

  • Elect -ability in their district

  • Record of supporting or demonstrated understanding of economic development principles and impact of public decisions

  • History of active participation in the community

  • Position specific: knowledge and experience, professional network established

H-RoC is proud to have endorsed the following candidates based on these criteria

Linda Glover Vancouver City Council, Position 3

Anne Mcenery -Olge Vancouver City Councilor, Position 3

Jane Van Dyke Public Utilities Commissioner, District 3

Joyce Lindsay Washougal City Council, Position 4

Kathy Gillespie Vancouver School Board Director, Position 3

Julie Rotz Camas School Board Director, Position 2

Mavis Nickels Battleground School District, Position 4

Martha Martin East County Fire and Rescue Commissioner

Rosemary Fryer Vancouver School District, Position 5

Sandra Day Ridgefield City Councilor, Position 7

Victoria Bradford Evergreen School Board, Position 3

Nancy Barnes Vancouver PUD

Molly Coston Washougal City Council

Julie Bocenegra Evergreen School Board

Elizabeth Cerveny La Center City Council

Laurie Labowsky Vancouver City Council

Kathy Nordberg Hockinson School Board